Custom designed Canva labels for farmers market vendor

Making Labels Make Sense For Small Businesses & Farmers Markets

Brian Kroeker

October 1, 2021

Updated August 23, 2023


  • Labels should effectively convey your brand’s information using consistent colors, fonts, and graphics. You can design professional-looking labels for free using Canva (and the free label templates we’ve provided for it).
  • Our templates will set you up to create circle stickers (ideal for bottled drinks and seals) , rectangle labels (perfect for product packaging and ingredient lists), and square labels (great for boutique items and cosmetic products).
  • Label design should be clear, versatile, and align with your brand’s identity. It’s also crucial to opt for professional printing, which provides superior customization and quality.
  • Little Rock Printing™ provides a range of label materials and flexible ordering options, plus guaranteed timelines and free sample prints before ordering in bulk. Let us help you print perfect labels for your small business today!

Labels should be more than just informative; they should also communicate essential information about your brand. Colors, font choices, and icons or other graphics can all take a label from basic to beautiful, working wonders for your products in the process.

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Below, we’ll show you how to make stunning (and printable!) labels for free using Canva. Then we’ll give you a few tips for making your labels pop, and show you how you can get them printed for as large—or small—a run as you want. We’ve printed custom labels for businesses of all kinds, and we’re happy to pass on what we’ve learned so you can make the process as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Custom circle labels created on Canva

Simple, Stunning, & Free Label Templates

If you’re not already set up on Canva, do yourself a favour and create an account now! It’s totally free, and only takes a few clicks. Once you’ve done that, check out our top 3 choices for custom label templates below:

Circle Stickers

Circle stickers are versatile, offering a classic look that’s easily noticeable due to their unique shape. Whether you’re branding a product or sending out a special message, their rounded appearance stands out.

  • Best for: Beverages like bottled drinks, handmade crafts, envelope seals, and promotional items.
  • Information to include: Brand logo, product name, contact information, or short promotional messages.

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Rectangle Labels

Rectangular labels provide a traditional and spacious canvas, making them ideal for detailed information or design elements. Their elongated shape can fit more content, and they can be oriented both horizontally and vertically to suit various needs.

  • Best for: Product packaging, address labels, ingredient lists, and barcodes.
  • Information to include: Detailed product information, instructions, brand logo, and contact details.

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Square Labels

Square labels offer a symmetrical design, striking a balance between the circle and rectangle. They’re perfect for those seeking a modern touch while still having ample space for vital information.

  • Best for: Cosmetic products, jarred goods, boutique items, and gifts.
  • Information to include: Brand name, product details, pricing, or a short description.

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Custom designed labels for coffee vendor at farmers market

How to Make Your Labels Work for You

But hold on there, sport! Before you dive right in with one of the free templates above, stop and consider what you want your label to do for you. Giving some thought to the following can make the difference between creating a label that represents your business effectively and one that doesn’t:

Designing Your Labels

When it comes to designing labels, it’s vital to strike a balance between attention-grabbing designs and clarity. Many brands, especially smaller ones, often overlook the basics, which can make or break their first impressions on potential customers. Here are some essential tips to ensure your labels effectively represent your brand and product:

  • Keep it Clear and Concise: A label shouldn’t be cluttered. The essential information should be instantly recognizable.
  • Adaptability is Key: Your label design should be versatile, able to fit various products and sizes. Consider how it looks on different bottles, boxes, or bags.
  • Stay True to Your Brand: Ensure your label aligns with your brand identity. For instance, a bakery might want a homey feel, while a brewery might opt for a more rustic look.

Printing Your Label

A well-designed label loses its charm if it’s poorly printed. While DIY might seem tempting, professional printing is the best route to ensure quality and durability. Here’s why trusting professionals with your label printing is crucial:

  • Quality and Durability: Professional printers can create labels that not only look good but also last a long time.
  • Customization: When you work with Little Rock Printing™, you get a wide variety of customization options—including shape, quantity, and sticker type.
  • Versatility: Go beyond the basics. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your finished product.
Labels created on Canva for local cookie business selling at farmers market

Final Tips to Tighten Up Your Branding

While labels play a pivotal role in attracting customers, they’re just one aspect of your branding. Diversifying your branding strategies ensures that once a customer is hooked by your label, they stay engaged. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Keep Your Brand Consistent: Maintaining a theme across all of your print materials can help you amplify your brand recognition.
  • Digital Presence Matters: Complement your physical branding by building a strong online presence. Your website and social media accounts are crucial touchpoints for customer engagement. Learn how to sell custom artwork in an online store here.

Got more queries about using labels to promote your brand? We’re here to assist. Contact us and let a member of our team show you how we can set you up for sticker success.

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Creating High-Quality Print Files

Custom toilet paper roll label designed on Canva for local brewing company

Frequently Asked Questions about Printing Labels for Small Businesses

What materials can I use to print my labels with Little Rock Printing™?

Little Rock Printing™ offers the following materials for printing roll labels (laminated or unlaminated):

  • 2.4 mil Poly Propylene (BOPP): Perfect for roll labels with top-notch durability and print quality. Resilient against environmental factors, BOPP is a go-to for industries seeking vibrant and enduring labels.
  • 2.5 mil Paper Based Stick: A tad thicker with a robust adhesive, this material shines when slapped onto cardboard boxes.

We also offer the following materials for die cut stickers (in matte or gloss finish):

  • Permanent Vinyl: A “stickier” choice, ideal for applications like Bumper Stickers.
  • Removable Vinyl: A less “tacky” vinyl sticker, great for short-term indoor use.

Finally, we also have clear stickers available with white or full colour ink.

How long will printing my labels take?

That’s up to you—when you print with us, just select a timeline from 1-5 business days and we guarantee your order will be ready before the deadline you’ve set!

Is there a minimum order size for your custom labels?

Nope! Just like with all our print products, we have absolutely no minimum (or maximum) order sizes. You can order a single label, or boxes and boxes—this is a great option if you want to take advantage of our competitive bulk pricing.

Can Little Rock Printing™ help me with the design for my labels?

As a print shop, we don’t have in-house designers—but using our free Canva templates and helpful guides (like this one) can help you create beautiful designs for your labels in mere minutes!

Can I get a sample print before finalizing a large order?

Yes! We make it easy to order a free proof of your design before placing a bulk order so you can verify that it’s actually what you want. Just place an order for a single unit on our website, and use the code “FREEPROOF” at checkout—we’ll ship a sample right to your door and once you’re happy with it, you can order the rest.

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