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Postcards are great for many uses, mailouts, handouts, inserts and more.

  • Choose from a wide variety of world-class paper options
  • Order a Free Paper Sample Kit, if you want to learn more about your Paper Selections.
  • Choose your Production Speed, options range from 1-5 Business Days
  • Combine your quantities together for bulk pricing
  • Pick a standard size, or think out of the box and print a Custom Size.
  • Low minimums, order size starts as low as $5.00
  • Try before you buy, either checkout with a small test run, or for larger orders a Free Hard Copy proof will be offered to you at Checkout.

Standard thickness for Canada Post or mailing needs to be 80# Cover or thicker, text weight options are not usually thick enough to meet the minimum Postcard thickness required to mail.

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Width: min 1 - max 9
Height: min 1 - max 12
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11PT Gloss Cover
271 GSM / 11PT / 96 Bright / 100 Cover
11PT Silk Cover
271 GSM / 11PT / 96 Bright / 100 Cover
13PT Uncoated Cover
270 GSM / 13PT / 96 Bright / 100 Cover
15PT Gloss Cover
350 GSM / 15PT / 91 Bright / 130 Cover
15PT Silk Cover
350 GSM / 15PT / 91 Bright / 130 Cover
16PT Uncoated Cover
352 GSM / 16PT / 96 Bright / 130 Cover
18PT Cover
360 GSM / 18PT / 92 Bright
18PT Kraft Cover
360 GSM / 18PT / Brown
22PT Uncoated Cover
433 GSM / 22PT / 98 Bright / 160 Cover
24PT Cover
465 GSM / 24PT / 92 Bright
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4 Business Days
Daily Cutoff is 4PM Mountain Time, the day the order is placed is not included in the production timeline. (ie. 1 Business Day is complete for tomorrow)
3 Business Days
Daily Cutoff is 4PM Mountain Time, the day the order is placed is not included in the production timeline. (ie. 1 Business Day is complete for tomorrow)
2 Business Days
Daily Cutoff is 4PM Mountain Time, the day the order is placed is not included in the production timeline. (ie. 1 Business Day is complete for tomorrow)
1 Business Day
Daily Cutoff is 4PM Mountain Time, the day the order is placed is not included in the production timeline. (ie. 1 Business Day is complete for tomorrow)
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Please check invalid fields and quantity input or choose a different combination!

Table pricing

Amount Unit price Total price Saving
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(+x) x: Cart item fee


Postcards, printed on demand. Choose from popular sizes like 4×6″ (9UP), 4×9″ and 5×7″. Print any quantity, and also select custom sizing. A huge paper library with no minimums. Postcards can be bundled and prepared for Canada Post and distribution, choose from a variety of paper types in Gloss, Silk or Uncoated.


11PT Gloss Cover is the most common selection for mailing. This paper choice would be best described as a medium weight cardstock. Most of the mail you get in your mailbox is likely on this thickness of paper. 

This option will print full graphics, and images to the closest representation you would see on screen. 

If you are looking for the minimum standard postcard for mailing, 8.4PT Gloss Cover is still accepted by Canada Post.


13PT Uncoated Cover is great for postcards that have a lot of white in the background, or use half tones. The areas of the card that are unprinted will work really well with a pen or pencil. So, if the intent is to write on the postcards this is a great option. 


15PT Gloss Cover is great for Postcards that represent higher value than the standard 11PT. These postcards are thickness of a standard Business Card and will feel a little more substantial.

If you want even thicker, try the 18PT Cover or 24PT Cover options. 

Also, we encourage you to order a FREE PAPER SAMPLE KIT or visit the PAPER LIBRARY to learn about all the options. 


16PT Uncoated Cover is great for thicker postcards, designed with half tones and/or lots of white in the background. 

This is a very popular selection for Save the Date Cards and Invitations that are unfolded.

If you are looking for folded invites, make sure to check out our Greeting Cards page. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular questions small businesses ask us about printing.

Little Rock Printing lets you combine quantities within the same order for a better price, as long as:

  • Your designs are all the same size
  • Your designs use the same type of paper or stock
  • You order all your designs at the same time (for example, an order of 1000 units for 4 designs with 250 copies for each).

To combine multiple orders, simply send the files and quantity breakdown to

The best file to print from is a high-resolution PDF, exported with ⅛” bleed, outlined fonts, and built to scale in the CMYK color space. We do allow you to submit other file types like JPEGs, but the quality may not be as good.

When trying to print Pantone colours, use Spot PMS colours as opposed to CMYK values. If specific colours are vital for your design, we strongly recommend ordering a proof before placing your entire order.

Since we have no minimum order size, getting proofs is easy—just place a regular order for a single product and review it before ordering the rest. It’s always best to place a small order to start—but for orders over $100.00, we also offer a free hard copy proof at checkout.

You can:

  • Upload your file when you place your order
  • Send it separately to
  • Use our file uploader (click here)
  • Send us your own file transfer link (via WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.)

Files are not required with your order if you have chosen to send it separately—but please make sure your design is print ready and keep track of your order number!

That’s right; Little Rock Printing has no order minimums—which means you can place an order as small as a single copy for any of our products. If you don’t see the quantity you want listed on the product page, select “Custom Quantity” in the bottom left corner and fill in the amount you want to see the price break.

Almost everything we make can be shipped anywhere in Canada (except for Large Cutouts and Sneeze Guards, which are only available for pickup). We calculate shipping charges at checkout, based on your address and chosen delivery type:

  • Canada Ground Shipping (4-5 days): $9.99
  • Canada Express Post (2-3 days): $19.99
  • Purolator Express (1-2 day): $24.99
  • Calgary City Limits (+1 Day): $9.99
  • Calgary Curbside Pickup: FREE

We’re always happy to set up accounts for new or returning customers. You can either pay as you go online, have us keep a card on file, or apply for credit by requesting a credit application from

No problem! Start by choosing your product and selecting the closest size available online (for example, if you want 3.16” x 4.64” labels, select 3.25 x 4.5”). Then enter the exact size in the “Special Notes” section before completing your order.

We don’t offer in-house graphic design services right now, but we’re always happy to refer customers to freelancers or tools for creating DIY designs.

Most of our products come with options to have your order ready in anywhere from 1-5 business days. Please provide print-ready PDF files for your designs so we can focus on making each order perfectly and delivering by the deadline.

Our daily cutoff time is 4pm MST. The day the order is placed is not included in the production timeline (i.e., one business day means the order will be completed on the next business day).

We recommend that you order a Free Paper Sample Kit, or Visit Our Paper Library to learn more about our many paper options.

sample kit
Click here to order a FREE Paper Sample Kit
Lady browsing library
Click here to view our Paper Library

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 0.01 in

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