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Outdoor banners are great for outdoor signage. Add grommets and hemmed edges for easy hanging and increased durability.

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Why Our Banners Are Best

Fast Local Printing

We print everything ourselves at our Calgary shop, eliminating wait times caused by supply chain issues. Printing your banners ourselves also means we’re in charge of quality control—so you can count on us to make sure your banner is printed properly before we deliver it.

Little Rock banners
Little Rock banner

Your Banner, Your Way

Banners are meant to be eye-catching, so it pays to make yours unique. With our range of options for seams, grommets, and materials, you’ll always be able to get a one-of-a-kind banner that makes your design stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Banners

What Difference do Seamed Edges Make for Banners?

Seamed edges increase the durability of banners, especially when they have grommets for hanging (since these areas will be placed under additional stress). Adding a seamed edge to your banner also creates a thicker feeling around the edges and provides a more premium look.

Can You Print Two-Sided Banners?

To maintain the clarity of your designs, we don’t recommend printing on both sides of a single sheet—but we can create custom two-sided banners by attaching two separate sheets together.

If you need a custom banner with design work on both sides, please email [email protected]. We’ll be happy to provide you with an accurate quote for the final product.

Can I Put Multiple Banner Designs in the Same Order?

Yes! As long as you make sure your designs:

  • Are the same size
  • Are ordered at the same time

To place multiple banner designs in the same order, choose the total number of banners for all orders above when placing your order online. Then, send all design files to [email protected] and specify the breakdown for each (for example, 4 designs with 250 copies each).

How Should I Send My Files?

For best results, send us a hi-res PDF with:

  • ⅛” bleed
  • Outlined fonts
  • CMYK colors (use Spot PMS instead if trying to print Pantone colors)

If your design requires specific colors, we strongly recommend ordering a proof before printing in volume.

Margins on a Banner?

When designing banners, it’s important to consider margins and white space. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Top and Bottom Margins: A recommended rule of thumb is to allocate 10% of the banner’s height as the top and bottom margin. For instance, if you have a 48″ sign, it should ideally have a 4.8″ top and bottom margin.

  2. Right and Left Margins: To ensure readability and visual balance, the right and left margins should be at least as wide as one of the main font characters used in the banner. This guideline helps maintain proper spacing and prevents the text from feeling cramped.

By incorporating appropriate margins and white space, you can enhance the overall aesthetics and legibility of your banners.

How Do I Order Proofs?

Easy—we don’t have a minimum order size, so you can just place an order for a single copy and make sure it’s what you want before ordering the rest! We also offer a free hard-copy proof at checkout for orders over $100.

Where Does Little Rock Printing™ Ship To?

Our business cards ship anywhere in Canada! Shipping charges are calculated at checkout, based on your address and delivery type:

  • Canada Ground Shipping (4-5 days): $9.99
  • Canada Express Post (2-3 days): $19.99
  • Purolator Express (1-2 day): $24.99
  • Calgary City Limits (+1 Day): $9.99
  • Calgary Curbside Pickup: FREE

Can I Set Up An Account with Little Rock Printing™?

We’re always happy to set up accounts for new or returning customers. You can either pay as you go online, have us keep a card on file, or apply for credit by requesting a credit application from [email protected].

Overpass Banners City of Calgary Requirements?

Overpass Banners by the City of Calgary are large banners displayed on overpasses throughout the city. They serve as a platform for public announcements, event promotions, and important messages. Here are the detailed specifications for City of Calgary Overpass Banners:

  1. Size: The City of Calgary requests that Overpass Banners have a size of 360×36″ (30×3′), adhering to these specific dimensions to ensure compatibility with the overpass structures.

  2. Material: The banners are made of durable and weather-resistant material, typically heavy-duty vinyl, to withstand outdoor conditions and ensure longevity.

  3. Reinforcement and Grommets: To enhance durability and facilitate proper installation, the City of Calgary requires that the banners have seamed edges and grommets placed every 1 foot. This reinforcement helps prevent tearing and ensures secure fastening.

  4. Wind Slits: In order to reduce wind resistance and minimize the risk of damage, the City of Calgary mandates the inclusion of wind slits in Overpass Banners. These strategically placed slits allow wind to pass through, preventing excessive stress on the banner.

For more detailed information on the specifications required for City of Calgary Overpass Banners and instructions on how to apply for one, please refer to the official website of the City of Calgary’s Roads department: This resource will provide comprehensive guidelines and procedures to help you meet the specific requirements and successfully apply for an Overpass Banner.

Please note that the City of Calgary may have additional guidelines and regulations related to the design, content, and duration of Overpass Banners. It is recommended to consult the official resources or contact the relevant department of the City of Calgary for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What to know about Grommets?

 Here’s what you need to know:

  • Our #2 grommets have a proven track record of durability. They measure 3/4″ on the outside with a 1/2″ diameter hole.
  • The smooth inside edges of our metal grommets minimize chafing and lower the risk of cutting the material used to hang the sign.
  • Each grommet is installed approximately 1 inch off from the edge, ensuring a smooth and uniform installation.
  • The 1″ offset spacing provides optimal material for the grommets to grip onto, making the bond stronger and less likely to tear under stress.
  • For outdoor installations, we highly recommend selecting the ‘Hemmed Edges’ option. Hemmed edges reinforce the entire banner, offering double thickness for each grommet to bite into, resulting in the strongest grommet hole possible.
  • The grommets are typically recommended every 2 feet around all four edges for most applications, for small banners customers can choose to just have the grommets in the corners, on occasion like for Overpass Banners they can be required every 1 foot.

At Little Rock Printing, we strive to provide reliable and robust grommets for your banner needs.

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