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How to Design & Print Brochures for Your Business in Canva

Brian Kroeker

August 30, 2023


  • Brochures are essential print marketing materials for businesses (as well as non-profits and other organizations). Well-designed brochures can significantly boost awareness of your brand and help promote your products or services.
  • Little Rock Printing™’s free Canva templates make it easy for you to design a print-ready brochure that aligns with your brand and message. Add your own text, images, and other custom elements to make it your own!
  • After finalizing your design, save it as a PDF and submit it to Little Rock Printing™ when placing your order to ensure a seamless printing process. With no minimum order sizes and guaranteed timelines, we make it easier than ever to obtain awesome brochures for your business.

Brochures let you showcase detailed information about your products, services, or mission. Whether you plan to distribute them at trade shows, through direct mail campaigns, or as in-store handouts, high-quality brochures are an excellent way to make a lasting impression.

Our team at Little Rock Printing™ has created the following guide to help you design captivating brochures that can help your brand stand out and connect with the right audience. From template selection to font choices, we’ll walk you through each step of the process below—so that you can send us a design you’ll be truly thrilled to have printed!

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Getting Started with Canva

Canva remains one of the most popular online design platforms, with its gentle learning curve and wide variety of features. The interface is user-friendly, and the tools offered are both powerful and intuitive. If you haven’t explored Canva before, now is the perfect time to get started!

Not only can Canva help you design brochures, but you can also use it to create a myriad of other promotional materials like posters and flyers! Create your Canva account here by clicking the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the page.

Free Canva brochure templates from Little Rock Printing

Step 1: Choose Your Brochure Template

Little Rock Printing™ offers free Canva brochure templates in multiple sizes to help kick-start your design process! Choose from the following based on your needs:

  • Tri-fold brochures provide more space for text and images, making them ideal for delivering comprehensive information.
  • 11 x 17 bi-fold brochures offer a simple, clean layout and are ideal for less dense content. These larger brochures are usually best distributed by hand.
  • 11 x 8.5 bi-fold brochures have less room for content, but their compact nature makes them easier to pack and store in a variety of locations.

For Best Results

  • Decide on your brochure’s content and images beforehand—this makes it easier to choose the format that suits your project best.
  • If your design needs are extensive, consider using a Canva Pro account for a wider selection of premium features.
Editing image in free Canva brochure template from Little Rock Printing

Step 2: Add Your Custom Images

Almost all Canva templates come pre-loaded with stock images, but personalizing your brochure with custom photos will make it more authentic. To do this, just right-click existing visual elements and click “delete.”

Next, navigate to the “Uploads” tab on the left panel. Here, you can:

  • Drag files into the upload section.
  • Import them from cloud storage.
  • Port them in from apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram.

For Best Results

  • Ensure all raster (non-vector) images are of high resolution, preferably at least 300 dpi.
  • When possible, use vector images to ensure scalability.
  • Opt for photographs and illustrations that align with your brand aesthetic and message.
Editing text in free Canva brochure template from Little Rock Printing

Step 3: Edit Your Brochure’s Content

Templates also come with placeholder text—so of course, you should replace this with your own content! Tailor the headlines, body text, and captions to your specific message. To make things easier, you can add or remove text boxes based on your needs.

For Best Results

  • Make sure to include a captivating headline and a few key points on the front panel.
  • Include your company’s contact information, testimonials, or call-to-action phrases on the interior panels for more engagement.

Step 4: Customize Fonts & Other Stylistic Elements

Canva provides a broad range of font choices. Simply click on any text element, and a font menu will appear at the top, enabling you to change font style, size, and color. You can also add stylistic features like bold, italics, bullet points, and more.

For Best Results

  • Choose fonts that are easy to read and complementary to your design.
  • Use contrasting colors for text and background to maximize readability.
  • Keep your design consistent by not using more than 2-3 fonts throughout the brochure.
Download settings for free brochure template from Little Rock Printing

Step 5: Download & Submit Your Print-Ready Brochure Design

Once you’re satisfied with your brochure design, it’s time to prepare it for printing! Follow these steps to ensure optimal print quality:

For Best Results

  • Go to “Share” in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Download” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “PDF Print” under “File Type.”
  • Include “Crop marks and bleeds.”
  • Opt for “CMYK” under “Color Profile.”
  • Hit the “Download” button.

Printing Brilliant Brochures with Little Rock Printing™

Creating a brochure doesn’t have to be daunting. With Canva’s intuitive design tools and Little Rock Printing™’s exceptional print services, you can produce brochures that you’ll be eager to distribute. Reach out to our team for more information or to get your questions answered about custom orders.

Designing brochures in Canva and printing them through Little Rock Printing™ is the easiest way for you to get a quality product that meets your business needs. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Frequently Asked Questions about Designing & Printing Brochures

How much does it cost to print brochures with Little Rock Printing™?

The cost of printing your brochures depends on various factors such as:

  • Paper type
  • Number of pages
  • Quantity
  • Brochure size
  • Order timeline

Find accurate pricing for your order on our Brochures page.

What’s the turnaround time for brochure printing at Little Rock Printing™?

We offer timelines from 1-5 business days. Just select the date you want your brochures printed by when you place your order and we’ll make sure they’re ready.

Can you design my brochures for me?

We’re local print specialists and we run a tight operation, so we don’t currently have in-house designers—but our free Canva templates and tutorials like this one make it easy for you to design custom brochures all by yourself and have us print them on high-quality materials!

What if I want to use custom fonts and colors that are specific to my brand?

Canva Pro allows you to upload custom fonts and also offers an advanced color wheel for more specific color matching. This makes it easier to maintain brand consistency across all your marketing materials. Remember to also provide any specific color codes (like Pantone or CMYK values) when you submit your design to Little Rock Printing™ to ensure color fidelity.

Can I get a proof before my brochures are printed?

Absolutely. We offer free proofs to give you a preview of how your final printed product will look. Just order a single unit of your design and enter the code “FREEPROOF” at checkout.

It’s crucial to review this proof carefully for any errors or adjustments, as production will begin after your approval. Approving the digital proof is your green light for us to begin the printing process!

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