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Text Weight Paper Selections

Learn about our great selections for text weight papers.

60# Uncoated Text

60# Uncoated Text is a little bit thicker than the paper that you might find in a standard office building photocopier. This stock is a great entry level paper, and is opaque enough for double sided printing. This paper choice is great for Newsletters, the inside of Document pages, Training Manuals, Notepads and for Self Published Books.

70# Uncoated Text

70# Uncoated Text is one of our favourite paper selections, it is technically only slighty thcker than 60# but this opaque uncoated stock will upgrade your Notepads, Documents or Booklet order. This paper also works really well for Brochures, specifically Trifold Brochures.

100# Uncoated Text

At 148 GSM, this is the thickest paper you will find in the “Text” category before you cross over into Cardstock or “Cover” paper. This paper option looks great with Notepads under 25 sheets, and with the right design works great as a Flyer or Brochure. Since its so thick we do recommend that you test this paper out before placing a big order the first time. It’s a crispy and awesome paper when used on the right application.   

80# Text

80# Text is a terrific paper, for the inside of Booklets, Flyers and Sales Catalogues. This paper has a coating on it before printing which allows the print quality to sit “up” on the paper, resulting in an output truest to what you might see on screen. The coating works best with designs rich in photos, and full coverage printing. This paper is about as thick as a Magazine paper, so its great for double siding, but not too thick which allows is it to be used on Documents with lots of pages.

100# Text

100# Text is one of the most popular paper choices we offer. It is often used for Trifold Brochures, Booklets and works great for Magazines, just use the Self Cover option and use this paper throughout. 

If your project is marketing collateral, like Feature Sheets for Real Estate or Catalogues this is a great paper choice.

Cover Weight Paper Selections

Learn all about the cardstock options available.


Also know as, 80# Cover this paper is best described as a thin cardstock. Great for covers on Booklets, also great when used as a Self Cover option in Booklets. This paper is the minimum thickness we have for Postcards that need to be mailed VIA Canada Post.


Also known as 100# Cover is the most common paper used by our customers, you can see in the product gallery how many different ways this paper is used. 

It’s great for Postcards, Booklets, Tent Cards, and so so much more. 


Also know as 130# Cover, this paper choice is the default option for Business Cards, and it also is very commonly used for Greeting Cards and Postcards.


13PT Uncoated Cover, also known as 100# Uncoated Cover is a very popular choice for Postcards, Art Prints and Greeting Cards. This paper is designed best for half tones and designs with a lot of white. Images will come out more saturated then our coated papers, so buyer beware this print type can work wonders but is not designed to print all designs.


16PT Uncoated Cover, also known as 130# Uncoated Cover is a very popular choice for Postcards, Art Prints and Greeting Cards. This paper is designed best for half tones and designs with a lot of white. Images will come out more saturated then our coated papers, so buyer beware this print type can work wonders but is not designed to print all designs.


22PT Uncoated is also know as 160 Uncoated Cover. This is one of our thickest paper types, and its rare to be able to print this thick on all print equipment. The paper is great for premium brands, and used often as Hang Tags or Business Cards

Soft Touch Cover

Soft Touch laminate can be added to 11PT for Booklet Covers, or to 15PT. 18PT and 24PT when printing Custom Hang Tags and Business Cards.


18PT Kraft combined with the right brand can really hit the mark, check out some of the examples customers have used this for when printing Custom Hang Tags and Business Cards.


24PT Cover is our thickest paper at 465GSM, its great for Custom Hang Tags and Business Cards.

Stickers & Label Options

Learn about the option for Stickers & Labels.

No Laminate

Unlaminated Roll Labels are very popular solution for food packaging. These labels are printed on a Poly Based material and look great. 

It’s ideal for food packaging, or short term branding as the usage is usually 1 month or less. 

If your food product has more aggressive ingredients, or is a product with essential oils like balms, oils and cosmetic products we always recommend adding the laminate.

GLOSS Laminated

Gloss Laminated Labels are a great product, especially for brands looking for a little shine or lustre on their labels. 

The laminate is applied over top of the printing to give it extra durability and protection. 

MATTE Laminated

Matte Laminated Labels are the most popular option selected by brands. Adding a matte laminate to the beautiful printing done in our shop adds an elegant and professional finish to your labels. 

The laminate is applied over top of the printing to give it extra durability and protection. 

Poly Based Stickers

Poly based stickers are a little more durable than paper based stickers. The printing also is a little sharper which is why some spend the extra cost for this option. If you are planning on using these STICKERS in areas with lots of rubbing and wear, or outside we strongly recommend order VINYL STICKERS and having that option laminated and die cut.


Great option, especially for indoor usage, or for stickers that may be used for a short period of time. If you are not sure, remember we offer low minimums so for a nominal charge you can place a test order for just a couple stickers before ordering a large order. 


Clear Stickers work great on clear bottles, especially with white ink. For decals that need adhesive on the front, we actually print these on clear, flood with white ink and then print your image in reverse to create a STICKY FRONT.

Permanent Vinyl

Permanent Vinyl has a strong adhesive on it, making it great for Floor Decals, Bumper Stickers, Hard Hat Stickers and for Outdoor Usage.

Removable Vinyl

Removable Vinyl is most commonly used for short term usage, the adhesive has more forgiveness if it needs to be re-applied. 

Wall Mural Vinyl

Great for Drywall, and indoor installs like Cinder Block. Easy to apply if for begginers. 


Learn about the option for Posters & Signs.

20# BOND

20# Bond is used on B&W Drawings, commonly used for Engineering & Construction Drawings and Jumbo Coloring Sheets.


28# Bond Poster Paper.


8mil Photo Satin Poster Paper.

Backlit Poster

Backlit Poster


11.4PT Paper Box Boards


.02″ Polystyrene Poster Boards


8oz Fence Mesh Banner


12.5oz No Curl Banner


13oz Scrim Banner

48pt Poster Board

48PT Poster Boards


4mm Coroplast is a weatherproof, durable outdoor rated sign material, printed with UV ink. 



30mm Magnets

e-flute Box board

1/16″ E-Flute Box Boards

3mm Poster Board

3mm White Poster Boards

3mm Black Posters

3mm Black Poster Boards


3mm Metal Dibond Signs


3mm Brushed Metal Dibond

PVC A-Frame Signs

13mm PVC A-Frame Signs are great for Sidewalk Signs, Shape Cut A-Frames and Custom Size A-Frames. 

These boards are available on our A-FRAME SIGNS product page. 

WOOD A-Frame Signs

1/2″ Crezone Wood A-Frame Signs are great for Sidewalk Signs, Chalkboard Signs and signs that are needing a little more heavy duty durability for outside use. 

These boards are available on our A-FRAME SIGNS product page. 

Gloss & Silk Coated Papers

Coated papers have a surface  coating on them (think like a varnish on wood), so they’re “sealed.” This coating restricts the amount of ink/toner that is absorbed into the paper, allowing the printing to sit on top of the paper, in a crisp defined dot. Has a crisper, sharper finish, great for solid colors. Coating allows ink to sit up on top of the surface of the paper without seeping into the paper fibers. Halftone dots and type are therefore very crisp and controllable during the printing process. We offer the coating in Silk or Gloss, we do recommend that you order a FREE SAMPLE KIT to keep handy.

Uncoated Papers

Uncoated do not have a coating (pre-printing treatment) and thus are more porous than silk or gloss coated paper options. The ink/toner saturates into the paper and has a softer, warmer appearance. This look is great for halftones, or designs with a lot of white in the background. Since the uncoated paper is a brighter white, before printing, negative space in the design will appear a brighter more vibrant “white”, Since there is no coating, there is no glare on the surface. This makes it ideal for prints that have a lot of text, and for printing that needs to be written on like NOTEPADS. Uncoated paper is also required for the inside pages of a PERFECT BOUND book, our coated paper options can be used for the covers, but for the glue to work in binding the inside pages must be uncoated. 


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