Life Size Cutouts

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Make your brand stand out with life size cutouts of key people and products—perfect for trade shows, conventions, sporting events, parties, promotional galas, and more. Just send your photo to Little Rock Printing™ and let our team do the rest.

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Life Size Cutouts

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Why We’re a Cut(out) Above

Customizable Quality

We’ll make your cutouts to any size or shape you need—but we’ll never compromise on the quality of our materials or printing process. You get a durable, great-looking product every time.
LIfe Size Cutouts
LIfe Size Cutouts

On Time—All the Time

With no minimum order size and guaranteed timelines from one to five business days, you can always get the right number of cutouts at the right time through Little Rock Printing™.

Frequently Asked Questions about Life Size Cutouts

What Materials Do Your Life Size Cutouts Come In?

We print all our life size cutouts on 4mm coroplast board—a durable and lightweight material that can be recycled easily. This helps your cutouts last longer and makes them suitable for use in a wider range of environments.

How Long Will My Cutouts Last?

Our life size cutouts can last for months or even years under proper conditions. For best results, handle your cutout with care and clean it with a damp cloth or towel on a regular basis.

Can I Put My Life Size Cutout Outside?

Printing our cutouts on 4mm coroplast means they are suitable for outdoor use! Bear in mind that life size cutouts left outdoors will likely not last as long as those stored indoors.

How Do I Know What Size to Order My Cutouts In?

To find the height and width for a lifesize cutout from a digital image, you’ll need to consider the aspect ratio of the image and the intended height of the cutout. Follow these steps:

  • Determine the aspect ratio of your image: this is the proportional relationship between the height and width of your image. Find it by dividing the height of your image by its width—for example, if your image is 2400 pixels high and 1800 pixels wide, the aspect ratio would be 4:3 (2400/1800=1.33).
  • Choose the intended height of your cutout: our lifesize cutouts can be made up to 72 inches high, depending on your needs.
  • Calculate the width of your cutout: once you know the aspect ratio of your image and the intended height of your cutout, calculate the width of the cutout by multiplying the intended height by the aspect ratio. For example, if you want a cutout that is 6 feet tall (72 inches) and your image has an aspect ratio of 4:3, the width of your cutout would be 96 inches.
  • Adjust the width if necessary: depending on the resolution and quality of your image, you may need to adjust the width of your cutout to avoid distortion or pixelation. Email [email protected] if you have any questions and we’ll help walk you through the process.

How Should I Send My Files?

For best results, convert your image to a hi-res PDF with:

  • ⅛” bleed
  • Outlined fonts (if your image has any text)
  • CMYK colors (use Spot PMS instead if trying to print Pantone colors)

Where Does Little Rock Printing™ Ship To?

Our life size cutouts ship anywhere in Canada! Shipping charges are calculated at checkout, based on your address and delivery type:

  • Canada Ground Shipping (4-5 days): $9.99
  • Canada Express Post (2-3 days): $19.99
  • Purolator Express (1-2 day): $24.99
  • Calgary City Limits (+1 Day): $9.99
  • Calgary Curbside Pickup: FREE

Can I Set Up An Account with Little Rock Printing™?

We’re always happy to set up accounts for new or returning customers. You can either pay as you go online, have us keep a card on file, or apply for credit by requesting a credit application from [email protected].

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