Rollable Plastic Posters

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Restaurant Menus, Dry Erase Sheets, Posters and Construction Drawings. 0.02″ Polystyrene is a terrific alternative for all of these solutions, and it works great with dry erase, UV ink and tough. You won’t believe how durable this product is, and how affordable and quick we can print them for you.

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0.02″ Polystyrene Signs

This is one of the coolest products we have right now, this thin plastic sign is a great replacement for laminating paper. These signs are printed on 0.02″ thick Polystyrene and printed with UV Ink, this product can be printed single or double-sided. Very popular for many applications, these are the panels used underneath graphics at the hockey rinks underneath the boards. But most commonly we use them to replace any sort of laminated page type. They work wonderfully for Menus and Construction Drawings, they also work really well with Dry Erase markers with no extra laminating required. Durable, weatherproof, and can be cleaned with disinfectant making them the ideal choice for restaurants. We have also used them for Manufacturing Facilities in Calgary like Scott Springfield Mfg on the shop floor and for companies like Flynn for taking durable construction drawings on site. These signs also work really well inside of snap frames for Point of Purchase displays and rotating graphics in A-Frames.      


rollable plastic signs
Rollable, weatherproof and printed with UV ink. A great choice for posters that need to be in the elements or aroud moisture.

Great for Signage

020 Polystyrene at MRU
This is a great product for signage, its pliable and durable.


Map Image Polystyrene
An excellent product for maps and construction drawings that are used outside


Add dry erase laminate for using your posters as a whiteboard.

pRInteD with UV INK, Great for outdoor usage

flatbed printing oce arizona 480
Our Arizone 480 UV Flatbed Printers in action.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 in

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