Labels and Stickers Reference Guide

Labels and Stickers Reference Guide

Learn more about Labels, Die Cut Stickers, Vinyl Decals, Transfer Decals, Clear Stickers with White Ink and Window, Wall, Vehicle & Floor Decals

Short Run Product Roll LabelsProduct Labels – 1000+Die Cut StickersVinyl DecalsTransfer Stickers / Cut Vinyl / Vehicle DecalsClear Stickers with White Ink
PROS– Custom Shape
– Any Size
– Fast turnaround
– High Quality
– Is moisture proof and safe for creams, sanitizers and other products that can errode labels
– Can order as little as one on the actual production press, great for testing or trying new flavours or varieties for your brand
– Better pricing on larger orders
– Can be wound for machine application in direction #1, #2, #3 or #4
– Wide variety of stocks, including Freezer label material and Clear with White Ink
– Comes on a 3″ core
– Great quality
– Better pricing for customers with ongoing label needs
– Individually cut out
– Comes in Paper or Poly Based material
– Great quality
– Any shape or size
– Order as little as one at a time
-Better pricing on larger stickers
– No minimums
– More durable than other options
– Looks awesome with negative space removed
– Easy to install
– Comes in white, black or full color
– Looks great on Clear Jars and Containers
– White Ink looks best on clear
– Poly based and moisture resistant
CONS– Limited stock choices
– Needs to be laminated
– Higher cost on larger orders
– Longer machine setup
– Higher minimum runs
– Longer lead times
– Can’t always combine designs for bulk pricing
– Doesn’t come on a roll
– Not ideal for product packaging
– Small text and fonts aren’t as crisp as these printed on a plotter
– Dont come individual like Die Cut Stickers and don’t come on rolls like Roll Labels
– Need vector files
– Bigger stickers can be harder to install
– Higher cost per label
Turnaround Time1-5 Business Days5-7 Business Days1-5 Business Days1-5 Business Days2-5 Business Days2-5 Business Days
Minimum Order SizeMinimum 1Minimum 1000+Minimum 1Minimum 1Minimum 1Minimum 1
Shape AvailableCircle Labels, Oval Labels, Rectangle Labels, Square Labels, and Custom Shapes available on demand with no physical dies requiredCircle Labels, Oval Labels, Rectangle Labels, Square Labels, and Custom Shapes available on demand with no physical dies requiredCircle or Oval Die Cut Stickers, Square or Rectangle Die Cut Stickers or Custom Shape Die Cut Stickers Circle or Oval Decals, Square or Rectangle Decals and Contour Cut or Shape Cut decalsTransfer Decals are almost always custom shape since the negative space is removed and pre-mask is appliedUsually these are done square/rectangel or circle/oval for easy application since the clear isn’t usually visible once applied
Combine designs together for bulk pricingYESNOYESYESYESYES
Common Use / ApplicationCandle Labels, Beer Labels, Packaging Labels, Bottle Labels, Jar Labels, Address Labels, Box Labels and moreHigh Volume Product Roll Labels, Product Packaging, Bulk Label orderingLaptop Stickers, Box Stickers, Logo Stickers, Artist Stickers and Great promotional product for brands like tattoo shops and food and beverage companiesBumper Stickers, Hard Hat Stickers, Large Box Stickers, Large Product Labels, QR Codes, Equipment Decals and StickersHours of operation stickers, Truck stickers, Bumper Stickers, Product Labels (short run), Stickers for Tools and Heavy EquipmentBBQ Sauce Labels, Food Labels, Window Decals and Product Packaging
Sticekrs and Labels Product Matrix

Examples of Roll Labels

Roll Labels for Hungry Spice
Sauce Labels

Hot Sauce Labels
Candle Labels
Lip Balm and Cream Labels
Honey and Drink Labels

Examples of Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers for Artists
Die Cut Stickers for Retail Business
Mumble Tease (artist) Die Cut Stickers

Examples of Clear Stickers with White Ink

Cake in Jar Labels (Just Baked YYC)
Tea and Beverage Labels (Parch)
Wine and Bottle Labels

Examples of Transfer Decals

Transfer Decals for Windows (Crash Conditioning)
White Transfer Decals (Major Leauge Ice Fishing)
Full Color Decals (Tikal Construction)

Examples of Vinyl Decals

Outdoor Decals (Major League Ice Fishing)
Floor Decals for Made by Marcus
Truck Decals (Hard Knox Decals)
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