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It started in 1994, and it continues today.

Clear Wings
My Dad (Rick Kroeker) photographed during the 2020 pandemic with one of our Sneeze Guards. We helped small businesses by coming up with Sneeze Guards made any size, and we made them accessible to our customers through easy online ordering, and as always we offered a minimum order of one. This was a great example of our companies focus on providing, practical, affordable and right sized solutions. We had our first Sneeze Guard produced, and in the market on March 20th, 2020 only one week after the lockdown started.

We believe in Self Starters, go getters and entreprenuers.

Our journey started in 1994 when my Dad (Rick) was put in a position where he had to decide what to do after receiving a pay cut, in an uncertain economic climate. A recent merger at the company (Golder) had put him in a tough spot.

In an effort to do something about it, my Dad proposed that he transition from employee to contractor. He proposed that the company could keep his hourly rate the same, and that they would only need to pay him for chargeable time. In exchange the company would allow him to continue to use his drafting table, and he would be free to fill his open hours with drafting work from other companies. 

Shortly after moving into the role of a contractor, Golder (a geotechnical engineering company) was completing a large project that required a significant amount of color drawings and maps to be printed by the drafting department for the final report. At the time, in 1994 it took several days and a significant expense to order this type of printing. 

Rick, who was ultimately responsible for ordering these prints was frustrated by the process, and the leadtime required when ordering color drawings. He petitioned Golder that it would be helpful to lease a Xerox machine to use in the building. When they refused, he suggested that maybe he should just lease one instead. My Dad recalls, “they didn’t say no. So, I signed a lease for a Xerox machine and put one beside my desk.” 

Golder, agreed to pay Rick the same rates for 11×17 and 8.5×11 color copies as they were currently paying. In a short couple of months, Little Rock Drafting Services had become, Little Rock Color Copies and would eventually evolve into a national provider of online printing for Small Businesses across Canada. 

We believe in entrepreneurs, self-starters, and go-getters. 

We believe customers should be able to access the best printing possible. And, you should be able to order as little or as much as you need, and order it in a predictable & reliable timeframe. While still getting the quality that you need to compete in your given industry.

See what customers are saying, this page is published live as customers submit reviews on recent orders placed at our store. 

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